Governance of the Scheme

Authority to grant or withdraw accreditation is vested in the Joint Chairs of the Accreditation Scheme Board who are guided by the Executive Board and the Accreditation Scheme Advisory Committee.

Executive Board

The Board meets quarterly and comprises the following members:


  • British Council: John Knagg (Chair), Roy Cross, Oliver Phillips
  • English UK:  Sarah Cooper (Chair), Andrew Hjort, Sue Edwards


  • Jacqueline Gresham, Chair of the Accreditation Scheme Advisory Committee
  • Liz McLaren, Manager, Accreditation UK (Secretary)
  • An additional member of the Accreditation Unit attends all Board meetings.

All members of the Board act in the general interests of the Scheme, Scheme members and their students. The Board can invite others to attend Board meetings on a non-voting basis.

Accreditation Scheme Advisory Committee

The Accreditation Scheme Advisory Committee (ASAC) meets at least six times annually. It has a maximum of 14 voting members appointed by the Board, and includes individuals from accredited ELT centres from both state and private sectors, as well as experts in the fields of ELT, student welfare, and educational evaluation.

ASAC responsibilities

  • consider inspectors’ reports and make recommendations to the Executive Board to accredit or not accredit new applicants, and to continue accreditation, place accreditation under review or withdraw the accreditation of existing members
  • make recommendations concerning the timing of inspections
  • consider cases of doubtful eligibility for the Scheme
  • order, where appropriate, full inspections or spot checks – these may also be ordered by the Accreditation UK Manager
  • consider cases of factual inaccuracy in inspection reports.

ASAC members


  • Jacqueline Gresham

Private sector ELT management

  • Helen Wood, D'Overbroeck's College
  • Brenda Murray, International Community School
  • Mark Waistell, Accent International Language Consultancy
  • Grace Durighello, CELT

FE/HE ELT management 

  • Helen McAllister, University of the Arts
  • Patrick Lawlor, Waltham Forest College (retired)
  • Carmel Roche, Manchester University
  • Gill Frood, Perth College UHI

Welfare/student/consumer relations in ELT organisations

  • Kevin O'Donnell, Berlitz London
  • Helen Madaras, Heathfield Sumer School

Quality assurance

  • Paul Fear, British Accreditation Council