Accredited centres - E

Eagle International School, Poole, Dorset Full report 2014 (PDF 317KB)

Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College, London Full report 2015 (PDF 343KB)

EC Brighton, Brighton Full report 2015 (PDF 324KB)

EC Bristol, Bristol Full report 2016 (PDF 321KB)

EC Cambridge, Cambridge Full report 2015 (PDF 376KB)

EC London, London Full report 2013 (PDF 378KB), Spot check 2014 (PDF 193KB)

EC Manchester, Manchester Full report 2015 (PDF 330KB)

EC Oxford, Oxford Full report 2014 (PDF 339KB), Spot check 2015 (PDF 181KB)

Eckersley Oxford, Oxford Full report 2015 (PDF 318KB), Spot check 2016 (PDF 190KB)

ECS Scotland, Edinburgh Full report 2013 (PDF 325KB)

Edinburgh College, Edinburgh Full report 2014 (PDF 390KB), Spot check 2015 (PDF 238KB)

Edinburgh Language Centre (Experience English), Edinburgh Full/supplementary report 2014 (PDF 431KB)

Edinburgh School of English, Edinburgh Full report 2016 (PDF 339KB)

EDSkills, Birmingham Full report 2015  (PDF 353KB)

Edwards Language School, London Full report 2014 (PDF 350KB), Spot check 2015 (PDF 252KB)

EF Corporate Language Learning Solutions, Cambridge Full report 2013 (PDF 333KB)

EF Language Schools Ltd, Bournemouth Full report 2015 (PDF 439KB)

EF International Language School, Brighton Full report 2013 (PDF 401KB) Spot check report 2015 (PDF 178KB), Spot check September 2015 (PDF 223KB)

EF International Language School, Bristol Full report 2013 (PDF 369KB)

EF International Language School, Cambridge, Full report 2013 (PDF 395KB) Spot check report 2015 (PDF 109KB)

EF International Language School, Eastbourne Full report 2014 (PDF 380KB), Spot check 2016 (PDF 168KB)

EF Language School London, Roupell Street Full report 2013 (PDF 418KB) Spot check report 2014 (PDF 245KB) Russell Square report Full report 2015 (PDF 326KB)

EF International Language School, Manchester Full report 2014 (PDF 368KB) Spot check report 2015 (PDF 208KB)

EF International Language School, Oxford Full report 2015 (PDF 361KB)

EJEF Study Centre, High Wycombe Full report 2016 (PDF 317KB)

Elizabeth Johnson Organisation LLP, Multicentre (Head office - Passfield, Hampshire) Full report 2015 (PDF 402KB)

ELAC Study Vacations, Multicentre (Head office - Bath) Full report 2016 (PDF 424KB)

Embassy English, Brighton, East Sussex Full report 2015 (PDF 368KB)

Embassy English, Cambridge Full report 2013 (PDF 330KB)

Embassy English, Central London Full report 2015 (PDF 356KB), Spot check 2016 (PDF 160KB)

Embassy English, Hastings, East Sussex Full report 2014 (PDF 349KB)

Embassy English, London Full report 2014 (PDF 329KB)

Embassy English, Oxford Full report 2016 (PDF 357KB)

Embassy Summer, Multicentre (Head office - Brighton, East Sussex) Full report 2015 (PDF 381KB)

English 2000 School of English, Bournemouth, Dorset Full report 2013 (PDF 325KB)

English and Cultural Studies Centres, Enfield, Middlesex Full report 2013 (PDF 376KB)

English Country Schools, (Head office Cheltenham, Gloucestershire) Full report 2014 (PDF 322KB)

The English Experience (UK) Ltd., Norwich Full report 2015 (PDF 399KB)

English in Chester, Chester Full report 2015 (PDF 345KB)

English in Margate, Margate, Kent Full report 2014 (PDF 356KB)

English in Totnes (formerly Language in Totnes Ltd)., Totnes, Devon (including Seasonal Centres) Full report 2013 (PDF 346KB), Spot check 2016 (PDF 197KB)

English in York, York Full report 2016 (PDF 339KB)

English Language House, Milton Keynes Full report 2016 (PDF 320KB)

The English Language Centre Bristol, Bristol Full report 2014 (PDF 377KB), Spot check 2016 (PDF 247KB)

The English Language Centre, Brighton, East Sussex Full report 2015 (PDF 344KB)

The English Language Centre, Eastbourne,(formerly Eastbourne School of English) East Sussex Full report 2015 (PDF 389KB)

English Language Centre York (Experience English Group), York Full report 2013 (PDF 351KB) Spot check report 2015 (PDF 158KB)

The English Studio Language School, London Full report 2015 (PDF 388KB) Spot check 2015 (PDF 217KB)

The Essential English Centre, Manchester Full report 2014 (PDF 369KB), Spot check 2015 (PDF 157KB)

ETC International College, Bournemouth Full report 2015 (PDF 337KB)

Etherton Education, Wellington, Somerset Full report 2016 (PDF 410KB)

Eurocentres, Bournemouth Full report 2014 (PDF 382KB)

Eurocentres, Brighton Full report 2014 (PDF 380KB)

Eurocentres, Cambridge Full report 2014 (PDF 381KB)

Eurocentres, London Central Full report 2014 (PDF 380KB)

Eurocentres, London Eltham Full report 2014 (PDF 381KB)

Europa School of English, Bournemouth Full report 2015 (PDF 321KB), Spot check 2016 (PDF 203KB)

Europa School of English Junior Programmes, (Head office - Bournemouth) Full report 2016 (PDF 377KB)

Europartner Language Schools Ltd, Weymouth Full report 2016 (PDF 394KB)

Eurospeak Language School, Reading

Excel Academy, Bromley, Kent

Excel College, Manchester Full report 2016 (PDF 301KB), Spot check 2016 (PDF 233KB)

Excel English Language School Ltd., London Full report 2013 (PDF 351KB)

Exeter Academy, Exeter, Devon Full report 2015 (PDF 315KB)

Experience English Young Learners (Experience English Group) Full report 2016 (PDF 381KB)

Exsportise, Multicentre (Head office - West Sussex) Full report 2015 (PDF 345KB)

Eynsford College, London Full report 2016 (PDF 325KB)