Eagle International School, Poole, Dorset Full report 2018 (PDF 192KB)

Earlscliffe, Folkestone Full report 2022 (PDF 218KB)

East Midlands School of Business & Management (ESBM), Leicester Full report 2022 (PDF 212KB)

East Sussex College Lewes and East Sussex College Eastbourne, Full report 2018 (PDF 252KB) (merged with East Sussex College Hastings, Full report 2019 (PDF 230KB))

EC Brighton, Brighton Full report 2017 (PDF 345KB), 

EC Bristol, Bristol Full report 2017 (PDF 338KB), 

EC Cambridge, Cambridge Full report 2017 (PDF 337KB)

EC London, London Full report 2017 (PDF 351KB)

EC Manchester, Manchester Full report 2017 (PDF 341KB)

Echo Language School, Brighton and Hove Full report 2018 (PDF 287KB), Spot check 2019 (PDF 163KB) [Currently closed, re-opening 2023]. 

ECS, (Head office Cheltenham, Gloucestershire) Full report 2018 (PDF 258KB)

ECS Scotland, Edinburgh Full report 2017 (PDF 323KB), Compliance report 2022 (PDF 206KB)

Edge Hill University, Ormskirk Full report 2018 (PDF 258KB), Spot check 2019 (PDF 80KB)

Edinburgh College, Edinburgh Full report 2018 (PDF 245KB), 

EDSkills, Birmingham Full report 2019  (PDF 185KB),

Edwards Language School, London Full report 2018 (PDF 349KB),

EF BournemouthFull report 2019 (PDF 224KB)

EF BrightonFull report 2017 (PDF 356KB), Spot check 2018 (PDF 202KB), Compliance report 2022 (PDF 226KB)

EF Bristol,  Full report 2017 (PDF 365KB), Compliance report 2022 (PDF 231KB)

EF Cambridge, Full report 2017 (PDF 397KB) 

EF Eastbourne,  Full report 2018 (PDF 261KB),

EF London, Full report 2017 (PDF 345KB), Compliance report 2022 (PDF 231KB)

EF Manchester,  Full report 2018 (PDF 259KB)

EF Oxford,  Full report 2019 (PDF 221KB)

EJEF Study Centre, High Wycombe Full report 2016 (PDF 317KB), Compliance report 2021 (PDF 210KB)

ELAC Study Vacations, Multicentre (Head office - Bath) Full report 2016 (PDF 424KB), Compliance report 2021 (PDF 233KB)

ELC Bristol, Bristol Full report 2018 (PDF 386KB)

Embassy Summer, (Including EC Young Learners) Multicentre (Head office - Brighton, East Sussex) Full report 2019 (PDF 240KB)
EC Young Learners Full report 2018 (PDF 309KB), Spot check 2019 (PDF 143KB)

Emerald Cultural Institute, Kent Full report 2019 (PDF 228KB)

The English Experience (UK) Ltd., Norwich Full report 2019 (PDF 207KB)

English in Chester, Chester Full report 2019 (PDF 221KB)

English in Margate, Margate, Kent Full report 2018 (PDF 240KB), Spot check 2021 (PDF100KB)

English in Totnes, Totnes, Devon (including Seasonal Centres) Full report 2017 (PDF 326KB), Compliance report 2022 (PDF 241KB)

English in York, York Full report 2016 (PDF 339KB), Compliance report 2022 (PDF 219KB)

English Language House, Milton Keynes Full report 2021 (PDF 215KB)

The English Language Centre, Brighton, East Sussex Full report 2019 (PDF 209KB)

The English Language Centre, Eastbourne, East Sussex Full report 2019 (PDF 285KB)

English Path, London Full report 2021 (PDF 214KB), including extensions in Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester Spot check report 2022 (PDF 140KB)

EngXcel Ltd, Cambridge  Full report 2021 (PDF 212KB), Spot check 2022 (PDF 150KB)

ES London -London

The Essential English Centre, Manchester Full report 2018 (PDF 238KB)

ETC International College, Bournemouth Full report 2019 (PDF 210KB)

Etherton Education, Wellington, Somerset Full report 2016 (PDF 410KB), Spot check 2019 (PDF 137KB), Interim statement 2021 (PDF 68KB) 

Europa School of English year round , Bournemouth Full report 2019 (PDF 200KB)

Europa School of English Junior Programmes, (Head office - Bournemouth) Full report 2016 (PDF 377KB), Spot check 2019 (PDF 96KB), Compliance report 2022 (PDF 241KB)

Eurospeak Language School, Reading Full report 2021 (PDF 246KB)

 Eurospeak Language School Southampton Full report 2020 (PDF 260KB)

Exeter Academy, Exeter, Devon Full report 2019 (PDF 214KB)

Express English College, Manchester Full report 2019 (PDF 186KB)

Exsportise, (Including British Summer School), Multicentre (Head office - West Sussex) Full report 2019 (PDF 241KB)