Cambridge Academy of English, Girton, Cambridge Full report 2019 (PDF 215KB)

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Cambridge Language and Activity Courses, Cambridge, Full report 2017 (PDF 380KB)

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Canning, London Full report 2020 (PDF 215KB)

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Castle School of English, Brighton Full report 2017 (PDF 312KB)

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Choices International, Manchester (at Roehampton) Full report 2016 (PDF 333KB), Spot check 2017 (PDF 110KB)

Christian English Language Centre, Bournemouth Full report 2019 (PDF 215 KB)

Churchill House Summer Centres, Multicentre (Head office - Ramsgate, Kent) Full report 2018 (PDF 373KB)

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Country Cousins, North Devon Full report 2017 (PDF 329KB)