Favoloso by Nanu

It’s no doubt that clothes have the ability to transform your mood, give you the killer confidence you need to tackle anything. Favoloso by Nanu aims to do just that. Lynda, the founder of the brand, wants women feeling fabulous in her clothing. Favoloso is fabulous in Italian, a name she chose from being inspired by the Italian combination of creativity and craftsmanship when it comes to fashion. 

Lynda began her journey in fashion whilst studying an art course which encompassed all aspects from fine art to textiles, she highlights, “textile is what drew me in. Then I ventured into fashion design”, she continues “I love working with fabric and using it as a form of expression through clothes.” Despite the challenges she's faced with the industry and its uncertainties, she iterates that her love for it is what has made her stick with it. This consistency gave her family the reassurance they needed to support her through it despite it being viewed as an unconventional career choice. 

Favoloso by Nanu mixes fabrics and prints, using bold colours to create unique pieces that are authentic and timeless. With fashion being a destination reached through an experimental journey for Lynda, her fascination with being able to convert fabric into clothes as a form of expression has led to the creation of a brand that is bold and authentic. Her goal is to empower women and make them feel comfortable with themselves, their bodies and  with the clothes they are wearing

Going forward she aims to build her brand into being fully sustainable and ethical, creating unique products that have global appeal. At the same time, she aspires to make a positive impact within the fashion industry both locally and globally, telling an African story through her brand in the most authentic way possible. Through this, she also hopes to build Favoloso by Nanu into the most sought out brand by women, as well as create a sustainable fashion eco-system for future generations to be able to benefit from.