Mat Wright

Social action projects are carried out by individuals or groups of people working together for the good of others and not for profit.

The objective of the project is to bring about social change that will benefit an individual, communities or society. 

As part of the Active Citizens training programme, participants develop the skills and knowledge to help them plan and implement a social action project. They work together to deliver action that enhances community life. The project should be principled, well-planned and make use of local–global links. Projects engage with issues such as access to political participation, the environment, climate change, community cohesion, livelihoods and literacy. 

The programme gives participants a deeper understanding of the cultural and social issues that affect different communities around the world. They are able to identify and engage networks that will help achieve their goals. 

Community partners will advise on potential sources of funding and/or mentor participants.  

If you are interested in setting up a social action project, take a look at module four in the toolkit where you will find information to help you with project planning and management.


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