Digital Advisory Group
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British Council

The Digital Advisory Group advises the Digital leadership team and influences how the British Council’s vision and strategy are developed.

The Digital Advisory Group reports to the Executive Board. Its formation or disbandment is the responsibility of the CEO. It is a forum for advice and has no decision making or executive powers.

The role of the Digital Advisory Group, as set out in its terms of reference, is to:

  • support the British Council in its mission to ‘create a friendly knowledge and understanding’ between the people of the UK and wider world
  • act as an advocate for the British Council’s work
  • advise on the development of the British Council’s strategy
  • ensure that the Digital leadership team is kept informed of major developments in the sector
  • serve as a channel of professional advice within the areas of expertise represented on the Group
  • offer insights and identify new opportunities and trends
  • create links between the British Council and the communities within the sector for whom our work has particular relevance.