English Language Advisory Group

British Council

The English Language Advisory Group:

  • provides advice to the English leadership teams (both English and Exams (E&E) and English Programmes (EP)
  • contributes to the development of the British Council’s vision, strategic objectives and corporate priorities on behalf of the sector
  • apprises the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) of matters within its remit which it considers significant. It does this through the Secretary who, as Director English and Examinations is an SLT (Senior Leadership Team) member.

The role of the English Language Advisory Group, as set out in its terms of reference (PDF 92KB), is to:

  • Support the British Council in its mission to build connections, understanding and trust between people in the UK and other countries through arts and culture, education and the English language
  • Act as an advocate for the British Council’s work
  • Provide advice on the development of the British Council’s strategy, with the Secretary ensuring that the group is consulted appropriately during the corporate strategic planning process.
  • Ensure that the English leadership team is kept informed of major developments in the English language learning, teaching and assessment sector
  • Serve as a channel of professional advice within the areas of expertise represented in the group, offering fresh insights and identifying new opportunities and trends
  • Create links between the British Council and the communities within the English language learning, teaching and assessment sector for whom the British Council’s work has particular relevance.
  • Offer insights and identify new opportunities and trends in the current English language market and educational environment and in potential future scenarios for the English language in the world
  • Support the British Council in seeking to enhance equality, diversity and inclusion in our English language work