Springboard is a self-development programme that provides personal and work development opportunities for women in the region, challenging public perceptions of their role and contribution to their societies. Women assess themselves, set goals and develop practical interpersonal skills and the self-confidence necessary to achieve success in their lives. 

This programme helped me to have a better understanding to myself, my strength and weakness. Also, gave me lots of hints and tips about how to effectively use my skills and the resources around me.

The British Council, drawing on its close relationship with the Middle East and North Africa where it has been working for more than 30 years, adapted the programme to respond to the culture of the region and translated it to Arabic to cater to women at any age or stage in life and from all backgrounds. It enables them to take more control over their lives by identifying the clear, practical and realistic steps that they need to take by developing the skills and confidence to take them.

Launched in 2005, Springboard is delivered in collaboration with the Springboard Consultancy in the Middle East and North Africa to empower women and help them realise their potential and achieve success in their personal and professional lives. 



  • More than 17,000 women from 9 countries in the Middle East and North Africa have engaged with Springboard
  • More than 100 professional women are now licensed trainers, qualified to run the Springboard programmes within their organisations, communities and societies. 
  • We are working with more than 20 partners across the region who delivering the programme to their employees, clients and communities.
  • A recent impact study shows that Springboard has the potential to enhance the quality of education to promote women’s access to opportunities and resources, as well as challenging social and cultural norms around the role of women in societies by leading to debates within families and work spaces.


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