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Apply for a package of funding and support over three years to help your school with the teaching of Arabic.

Depending on your needs and circumstances, you will be offered some or all of the following:

  • A grant of up to £15k per year - if Arabic is in the curriculum - for up to three years (maximum £45k in total – award subject to annual review)
  • Links to resources with a focus on study of Arab culture
  • The opportunity to apply for online video sessions with Arabic speakers 
  • Possibilities to link to an Arabic-speaking school
  • Support with Arabic taster sessions.

Email us to receive full details and eligibility criteria.

Funding from Qatar Foundation International

The QFI website also hosts a wealth of resources and QFI also provides Classroom Resource Enrichment Grants (CREGs) in the United Kingdom. CREGs are small scale grants of up to £700 that can be used to support Arabic language or Arab culture programs either in purchasing materials for the classroom, or for smaller scale events such as culture nights or field trips.

For more information go to the QFI website.