There are over 475 million people globally who speak Spanish as a first language. And, in England, it’s the most popular language to learn at A level with almost 8,500 post 16s studying it in 2022.

As with learning other languages, knowing Spanish can help your career prospects. It’s one of the easiest languages for English speakers to pick up quickly and be able to communicate in effectively. And with so many people speaking it around the world, there are plenty of people to make friends with.

The British Council offers a number of projects to support international education in general. Take a look at the links below and see what you can integrate into your teachiing. 

Or check out our Support for language teaching page for more inspiration.

Consejería de Educación and Instituto Cervantes

There is a wide range of resources available to help you with your Spanish teaching. Take a look at some of those available from the Consejería de Educación and the Instituto Cervantes in the UK.

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