Sharing an assistant with other schools can bring the benefits of having a native speaker in the classroom while minimising the cost. It also means schools can take part even if they can only offer a small number of hours per week.

How it works

A language assistant can be shared between a maximum of three institutions, with the exception of French language assistants who are permitted to work in up to six primary schools in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. 

In some special cases, there may be more flexible sharing arrangements. Contact us to find out more.

Application process and payment

You will only need to complete one application on behalf of the group sharing the language assistant. The lead host school should submit the application.

The application should include details on the sharing schools and the mentor teacher in each school.

How will they be paid?

When sharing a language assistant, the lead school is responsible for paying the language assistant.

Other schools in the partnership will need to reimburse the lead school directly.