A globe

We are proud to work with numerous partner organisations abroad to recruit and allocate the most suitable Modern Language Assistant to your institution. The language assistants join us from 15 countries all over the world, from Europe to Asia to the Americas.  

This brings a great level of multiculturalism and internationalism to the programme and, most importantly, your modern languages classroom. Students have the opportunity to explore how multifaceted languages and the people who speak them are.

There is more to the German-speaking world than Berlin – not all French speakers have a Parisian accent – learning Spanish opens the doors to a whole new continent!

We are proud to celebrate linguistic and cultural diversity on our programme by recruiting and allocating Modern Language Assistants from the following parts of the world:


French-speaking language assistants can be hired from:

  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • France
  • Switzerland


We have German-speaking language assistants from:

  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Switzerland


Irish-speaking language assistants are available for schools in Northern Ireland. They come from:

  • Northern Ireland
  • Ireland.


Our Italian-speaking language assistants are from Italy.

Mandarin Chinese

Our Mandarin Chinese-speaking language assistants come from China.


We have Spanish-speaking language assistants from:

  • Argentina
  • Colombia
  • Chile
  • Spain

Every Modern Language Assistant on our programme is an ambassador for the unique culture they come from and the language they speak. As they share their stories, knowledge and experience with passion and enthusiasm, students grow in linguistic and intercultural awareness. By hosting these ambassadors, you bring language and culture to life in an authentic and real way.

With our Modern Language Assistants joining us from 15 countries and diverse linguistic backgrounds, students are given the opportunity to explore and discover first-hand how the modern languages they learn are just like English.

Below you can see feedback from host institutions who have told us about the benefits of hosting a language assistant, particularly the learning potentials of hosting assistants from a range of cultural and linguistic backgrounds:

"Our Canadian assistant offered speaking practice for more advanced pupils, support for bilingual students, and increased the status of French in the school (especially French from somewhere other than France)."

"Our pupils have learned more about Mexico through what our assistant has taught the pupils. Our A-Level pupils have opened up more and speak Spanish with more confidence and fluency."

"Thoroughly organised, thoroughly professional, thoroughly approachable. The MLA has been an excellent addition to the department and has gone out of her way to provide not only the cultural capital which assistants offer but also support to students struggling. Her lessons have been well planned and delivered, her willingness to be involved in wider school life is excellent and she has struck a perfect balance between seeking clarification where unsure [especially regarding external exam syllabi] and taking initiative."

"They prepared lessons which stimulated and challenged the pupils where appropriate but also supported those who required extra help. They covered the required topics for our courses and introduced the pupils to Francophone and Germanic culture. They created a range of resources for the department, which will continue to benefit pupils in the future."

"Students enjoy the wide variety of cultural knowledge that they learn from the language assistants; for example, this year our Chilean assistant was able to give the Year 13 students a first-hand account of the education system in Chile which really engaged them in the topic."

"The language assistants have helped to build confidence in speaking skills, to expose students to native speakers and broaden their understanding of language spoken in countries rather than France and Spain, as our French-speaking assistant was from Switzerland and the Spanish-speaking assistant was from Argentina. They made an amazing contribution with Years 12 and 13, as students had the opportunity to have face-to-face speaking sessions with the assistants, who gave very detailed feedback."

Our Language Assistant is a very studious member of staff.  She plans her lessons meticulously for every class / student.  She has gone out of her way understand their needs and know their strengths and weaknesses well. She uses the material we give her to support her lessons but also goes beyond and prepares her own resources to fit the needs and ability of the students.”