How to apply


If you're a student who's passionate about journalism then we want to hear from you. Whether you're a writer, blogger, vlogger, photographer, radio journalist or work in any other kind of media you can apply for a place at Future News Worldwide 2017 as long as you meet all of the eligibility requirements below.

To apply for a place at Future News Worldwide 2017 you must be:

  • Aged 18-25 on 1st July 2017
  • A registered university undergraduate student (or have graduated within the last year)
  • Dedicated to a career in journalism, in any form
  • Able to travel to the UK for the conference on 6th and 7th July 2017
  • A native speaker of English OR be able to speak English at the equivalent level of IELTS level 6.5 (a formal quaification is not required, just the abililty to speak at this level)

PLEASE NOTE: if you are shortlisted for a place at the conference you will be required to provide a certificate of enrolment evidencing your student status.

Application questions

All applicants must complete an online application form. The form is composed of contact details and eligibility questions, followed by two questions designed to test your journalistic skills and interests. You can read these two questions below.

We recognise that quality journalism comes in many forms, and we encourage you to use multimedia in your responses to these questions. If you wish to give your answer as a written article you should use the space provided. If you wish to respond in multimedia format (such as video or podcast) please upload your file to a hosting site (e.g Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud) and provide a link in this space.

All answers will be judged equally regardless of format.

Please note it is not possible to save your work whilst completing the form, so we recommend composing your answers to these questions offline then copy and pasting into the form.

Question 1

Q1. Please provide a personal statement on your motivation for applying for a place at Future News Worldwide 2017.

You should refer to the following in your answer:

  • Why you want to attend Future News Worldwide 2017
  • How you think you will benefit from Future News Worldwide 2017
  • How you will use this experience once you return home
  • Why you are passionate about journalism
  • Your personal/professional activities, interests, skills and experience

Limit: 500 words (written articles) OR 2 minutes (multi-media responses)

Question 2

Q2. Please provide  a reportage on a subject of your choice about your home country or country of residence.

The topic may be political, environmental, technological or social. Please specify in your response which of these topics you are addressing.

Limit: 800 words (written articles) OR 3 minutes (multi-media responses)

Application form

Applications close: 28th February 2017

All answers must be submitted via the online application form. If you experience any technical difficulties please contact us:

Important! Please ensure you read and understand the Terms and Conditions and Competition Rules (below) before starting your application