David Natzler - Clerk of the House
David Natzler - Clerk of the House ©

David Natzler

The current Clerk of the House is David Natzler, appointed in 2015. The Clerk of the House is the principal constitutional adviser to the House, and adviser on all its procedure and business, including Parliamentary privilege, and frequently appears before Select and Joint Committees examining constitutional and Parliamentary matters. As with all the members of the House Service, he is politically entirely impartial and is not a civil servant.

David entered the House Service in 1975. He has held a number of senior appointments within the Department of Chamber and Committee Services, incorporating the former Clerks’ department. He has been Clerk to a number of Select Committees, Social Services 1981-1985, Procedure 1995-1997 and Trade and Industry 1997-2001. He was Principal Clerk of Committees 2001-2004, Secretary to the House of Commons Commission 2004-2006, Principal Clerk of the Table Office 2006-2008, Clerk of Legislation 2009-2011 and Clerk Assistant 2011-2014. He was Acting Clerk of the House. 2014- 2015.

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