Sheryl Cooke, Assessment Researcher: Engagement & Dissemination

Sheryl is an Assessment Researcher with the Assessment Research Group of the British Council where she contributes to various research projects, leads on team conference strategy and is conference chair for the New Directions in Language Assessment East Asia conference. Prior to that, she led a regional team to engage on language testing issues with partners and stakeholders across East Asia and worked on projects such as the development of Aptis for Teens Advanced and linking China’s Standards of English to IELTS and Aptis. Sheryl has over 20 years’ experience in language assessment, including examiner management, examiner training and item writing.

Areas of expertise

  • Comprehensibility and language assessment
  • English as a lingua franca
  • Examiner management


Tavakoli, P., & Cooke, S. (forthcoming). Comprehensibility in language assessment: A broader perspective. British Council Monographs on Modern Language Testing. Equinox Publishing.

Cooke, S. (2020). Assessing real-world use of English as a lingua franca (ELF): A validity argument. VNU Journal of Foreign Studies, 36(4), 47-62. doi:10.25073/2525-2445/vnufs.4574


PhD Candidate, Centre for Applied Language Studies, Jyäskylä University, Finland, current

MA, Language Testing and Assessment, Lancaster University, 2015

MA, Linguistics, SOAS, University of London, 2000

DTEFLA (DELTA), International House, Barcelona, 1998