Mina Patel headshot

Mina Patel, Assessment Researcher

Mina Patel has been working in the field of education for over 25 years as a teacher, trainer, materials writer, project manager and now research in the British Council’s Assessment Research Group. In her current role, Mina is part of the team working on the Future of English programme. She is Conference Chair for the New Directions in English Language Assessment Conference, Latin America and leads on the British Council’s assessment research grants schemes. Mina is currently a PhD student with CRELLA at the University of Bedfordshire, UK.

Areas of expertise

  • Language Assessment Literacy for all stakeholders
  • The impact of assessment and its related activities
  • The relationship between assessment, teaching and learning
  • Qualitative research methodology


Patel, M., Solly, M., & Copeland, S. (2023). The Future of English: Global perspectives. British Council. 

Lee, H., Patel, M., Lynch, J., & Galaczi, E. (2021). Development of the IELTS Video Call Speaking Test: Phase 4 operational research trial and overall summary of a four-phase test development cycle. IELTS Partnership Research Papers, 2021/1. IELTS Partners: British Council, Cambridge Assessment English and IDP: IELTS Australia. https://www.ielts.org/for-researchers/research-reports/ielts-partnership...

O’Sullivan, B., Patel, M., & Mundy, G. (2021). Language testing as cultural relations. British Council Perspectives on English Language Policy and Education. British Council. 

Patel, M. (2012). The ETeMS project in Malaysia: English for the teaching of mathematics and science. In C. Tribble (Ed.), Managing change in English language teaching: Lessons from experience, (pp. 109-114). British Council.


  • PhD, CRELLA, University of Bedfordshire, current
  • MA, Applied Linguistics, University of Hertfordshire
  • BA, Humanities, University of Hertfordshire