Ying Chen

The first Visiting Scholar, Dr Ying Chen (Jenny), was sponsored through the China Scholar Council. Dr Ying Chen carried out resarch with the Assessment Research Group for eight months from August 2019, including presenting on her work at the Language Testing Forum, the UK’s leading language testing conference.

Dr Ying Chen is Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics at Ocean University of China. She obtained her PhD from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China. Her research interest focuses on the writing assessment, especially EFL test-takers’ audience awareness, the context validity of L2 writing tests, and L2 integrated writing. She has led four funded projects, including Aptis Research Grant (East Asia) 'Exploring Chinese EFL test-takers’ audience awareness in the Aptis writing test: Multiple perspectives', and published ten research articles and one monograph.


Areas of interest


  • EFL test-takers’ audience awareness
  • Context validity of L2 writing tests
  • Rater perception and cognition
  • L2 integrated writing
  • Affect in L2 writing


Chen, Y. (2014). An Investigation into the Context Validity of EFL Writing Tests. Beijing: China Renmin University Press.

Chen, Y., Deng, Q. & Liu, Y. (2016). A close investigation into the predictability of source borrowing in L2 integrated writing. Journal of Ocean University of China (Social Sciences Edition), 4: 114-121.

Chen, Y., Guan, X., Yu, L. & Yang, L. (2016). The construct componentiality and arousal of situational interest in L2 writing. Foreign Languages and Their Teaching, 3: 94-102.

Zhang, Q., Yang, L., Chen, Y. & Chen, S. (forthcoming). L2 collocation research: A state-of-the-art review. Modern Foreign Languages.


  • PhD, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2009
  • BA, Qufu Normal University, 2003