How to use Aptis?

How do you want Aptis to work for you?

  • You administer the tests: We provide you with everything you need to conduct the tests yourself, as and when it’s convenient. You can monitor progress and produce your own reports.
  • We administer the tests: We understand that your business or organisation may not have time to manage the test taking process, so we can manage the test for you: from setting up computers to presenting results. We can also invigilate the test and ensure secure test conditions.

Aptis delivery methods

Computer-based testing is the easiest way to take Aptis.

  • It is delivered in your workplace at your convenience.
  • It is available on PCs or tablets.
  • It enables people to take the test at different times, suitable for them and your business.
  • It allows the test to be download and taken offline at any time.
  • It provides fast results and is a cost-effective method of delivery.

A traditional pen and paper based version is available for situations where you might want to assess a large number of test-takers in a single sitting. 

Pen and paper testing makes it easy to:

  • It assesses a large number of test-takers in a single sitting.
  • The test is conducted without internet connectivity or software.
  • It assesses all candidates regardless of their computer literacy skills.

Please note, the speaking test can only be taken via computer or telephone.

Telephone testing is available for the speaking test.

  • It is suitable for challenging environments.
  • It is convenient in terms of timing and does not require internet connectivity.
  • It is a perfect ‘real-life’ skills test, especially if your business wants to focus on telephone speaking and listening skills.