Reliable and accurate English language testing is essential for improving the learning process of your students and raising the quality of teaching in your institution. 

Aptis enables you to:

  • efficiently assess and monitor the English levels of your students and teachers
  • recruit the right staff and ensure your employees are at the right level of English
  • ensure reliable admissions and exit processes
  • identify strengths and weaknesses to inform teaching and improve training programmes
  • place students in the right courses
  • ensure readiness of students to study in English-taught programmes.

Raise the profile of your institution

Aptis helps you demonstrate the quality of English teaching in your institution to stakeholders, build your profile and raise the standards of English proficiency.

Unlock a new competitive advantage through partnering with the British Council, the world leaders in English language testing.

Choose reliable assessment

Aptis is underpinned by the latest research in English assessment and is a subject of an ongoing research agenda. Its design, scoring and delivery are managed up to high quality assurance and monitoring standards.

The results from Aptis are mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), allowing you to easily understand the skills and competencies of your students and teachers.

The tasks in Aptis are communicative, which means they test the abilities to interact in English in real-life situations.

Optimise your testing process

Aptis delivers superior flexibility in terms of modularity and customised delivery. You are able to test all or select language skills, whichever option best suits your needs and budget. It can be delivered on-demand, at a time, location and frequency of your choice.

Aptis does not require specific preparation, just familiarisation with the test format. This means it can be easily integrated in your current system without having to change the teaching methodology.

Assessment designed for the education sector

We tailored the content of Aptis specifically for the education sector to facilitate the assessment of teachers and teenagers. By featuring content and scenarios from their daily lives and work situations, Aptis for Teens and Teachers enable candidates to focus on the actual language being tested.

Aptis for Teachers evaluates general English proficiency of teachers. Its tasks are based on scenarios teachers come across daily.

Aptis for Teens is designed for 13-17-year-olds. The test format and question types have been adapted to reflect activities that typically occur in a teenager’s everyday life, including social media, homework and sports.

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