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Webinars with expeienced eTwinning teachers - to help you get started

Who: Teachers of any age group or subject area, who wish to learn how to find partners and register a project on eTwinning
What: Free online training sessions led by an experienced eTwinning ambassador.
• Step 1: Finding your eTwinning partner: Find out all you need to know to get started on your eTwinning journey. This session gives you the top tips for finding eTwinning partners for your future projects. You’ll also get a ‘walkthrough’ of the eTwinning portal.
• Step 2: Starting your eTwinning project: This session shows you what makes a successful project plan and how to use eTwinning project kits for inspiration. You’ll also hear from an experienced ambassador, who will showcase a successful project and learn what impact the project has had on the school.
Where: Online (live webinar, we will send you the link and joining instructions)
When: Dates to be announced soon

Online learning events (short online sessions across 2-6 weeks)

You can sign up for all of the courses listed below through the eTwinning Learning Lab.

eSafety and Digital Skills

Google Earth Learning Event

Basic Skills for iPad in Schools

Key competences in eTwinning projects: why not?

How to teach the First World War

HOME- Hands-on Math enrichment

Let’s flip the classroom


Online Learning courses from Teachers Academy

All of the courses below will be delivered in English and you can sign up for them through registration on Schools Education Gateway. Education Gateway's 'Teacher Academy' is a new online professional development offer open to all European teachers.

Competences for 21st Century Schools

Moving to Maths 2.0