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eTwinning map

It takes only a few minutes to register and start searching for partner schools in over 40 countries!

If you are teaching students aged 3-19 within any of the below UK education institutions, you are eligible to join.

  • Nursery school
  • Primary school / Secondary / post-primary school
  • Sixth-form and Further Education Colleges
  • SEN Schools
  • Hospital Schools

How to register

To join eTwinning, you will need to register on the central Europe-wide portal after which you will be sent a confirmation email to validate your email address (please be aware that on ocassion this may be sent to your junk mail folder). Once you have confirmed your pre-registration, you will be able to continue and complete the second part of the registration process.


Step 1: Find a partner

You’ll gain immediate access to a secure online portal and thousands of potential eTwinning partners where you can search by country, age range, subject area and interest. Search and link with a partner using the tools provided to discuss your project idea.

Find out all you need to know to get started on your eTwinning journey in our Step 1 Webinar: Finding a Partner.

Step 2: Register your project

Register your project to gain access to a secure online place called the Twinspace, where you can then invite your students to join and collaborate with their European peers. You’ll find a complete package of free online resources available to help you work together. Using the Twinspace -a privately shared workspace - you'll be able to upload and share resources in project folders, use a calendar, a live chat forum, bulletin boards, and the facility to build your own project pages.

Find out what makes a successful project plan and how to use eTwinning project kits for inspiration in our Step 2 Webinar: Registering a Project.

Once you have registered your project, why not take it to the next level? Erasmus+ provides funding for partnership projects with schools abroad. It also supports pupil exchanges, and funds staff to teach or train abroad. Find out more about Erasmus+ Schools funding.


If you need any help, have look at the workshops and support available below or contact the UK eTwinning team.

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