Meet Timmy 

Timmy is a baby lamb of the flock with a lot to learn, making him an ideal character to engage 2-6 year old children as they can relate to Timmy’s experiences. For example, Timmy learns how to share things with others and think about their feelings - not just his own. 

Timmy has been a close companion to Shaun since his first appeared on our screens in the Shaun the Sheep TV series. He looks up to Shaun and Shaun always looks out for him. 

Timmy stars in his own TV show Timmy Time, where he learns valuable lessons alongside his friends at his nursery. 

Meet Shaun

Shaun is the leader of the flock. He exhibits human intelligence and creativity when leading the flock on their adventures. Despite being the one to get the flock into trouble, he a very good natured character and is always the one who gets them out of trouble as well! 

Shaun first appeared in the Wallace and Gromit short film A Close Shave in 1995. Due to his popularity, he was given his own TV show and a feature film, The Shaun the Sheep Movie, which was released in 2015. Soon Shaun will star in his second feature length film The Shaun the Sheep Movie 2.