At the British Council, we understand that the early years are the best time to learn an additional language, but there are few opportunities out there for this age group to learn English. Learning Time with Shaun & Timmy aims to fulfil the growing demand for English learning products tailored to 2-6 year olds. 

What is Learning Time with Shaun & Timmy?

Learning Time with Shaun & Timmy is a multi-award-winning range of high quality products that includes courses for 2-6 year old children; a collection of learning apps and a free online course for parents, teachers and early years practitioners. 

From our 75 years of English teaching experience we understand that children learn English best through play and with engaging stories. All of our products and our methodology are rooted in this philosophy; ‘children learn best when they are playing’.

Why have the British Council partnered with Aardman?

This offer is truly unique because we have combined our English expertise with Oscar Award-winning animators Aardman. Their stories and characters, Shaun the Sheep and Timmy, are thoroughly engaging and exciting to children.

This makes Learning Time with Shaun & Timmy an innovative, attractive and immersive learning offer that has been created using the best of UK creativity and teaching expertise.

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