The Landscape for Transnational Education in the Nigerian Higher Education System


November 2018


This report focuses on the current level of partnerships that Nigerian Higher Education institutions have and the openness of the sector to transnational education.  

The research was completed in December 2016 with detailed analysis of 42 Nigerian universities and 12 institutions covered as case studies.

Key findings: 

  • Out of 143 universities, 31% of these institutions have some form of international education partnerships. Of these, 21 were federal, 18 state and 6 private universities.
  • The most common types of TNE are articulation agreements and distance learning. There were no approved international branch campuses in Nigeria.
  • There were also many examples of research collaborations, faculty and student exchanges.
  • Institutions with the most substantive international partnerships had leadership buy in, a clear focus and clear partnership goals.