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The British Council publishes a directory of accredited English language centres which shows the centres by location in the UK.

If you already have the name of an English language centre you would like to attend, use the A-Z list to check that the centre is accredited by the British Council. 

If you have not yet chosen a centre, there are search tools to help you to identify a shortlist of centres that meet your requirements. Education UK and English UK both offer search facilities to create a shortlist.

Once you have a selection of potential centres, you can look on the A-Z list for the full inspection report or you can read the publishable statement for each centre to make comparisons.

Things to consider when looking for an accredited centre:

  • Course type
  • Length
  • Cost
  • Location (big city, town, countryside)
  • Do you want your accommodation to be arranged?
  • Do you want a leisure programme included?