Our priority is to deliver value for the UK and we are committed to strategically aligning our work to the long-term international priorities of the UK.

We support the broad long-term international policy interests and priorities of the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, other relevant UK government departments and the devolved governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Communicating with the UK and devolved governments

We conduct an extensive consultation process as part of developing the British Council’s Corporate Plan. We seek comments and representations from government departments, other public bodies and major sector organisations on our priorities and focus. 

We maintain ongoing working relationships and communication with Whitehall departments and the UK’s devolved governments through regular meetings with ministers and officials. 

The British Council Chair meets annually with the Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Affairs. The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office nominates a member to sit on our Board of Trustees. 

How we avoid conflicts of interest between policy support and programme delivery 

The British Council has skills, insight and relationships to support the UK government in achieving its international objectives. We do this through both policy support and programme delivery. 

This guidance is intended to eliminate any conflict of interest or unfair advantage that the British Council may derive from its policy support work for the UK government if it bids for government-funded opportunities in education, society and the arts. 

The guidance is for use by British Council staff and also has implications for UK government officials we engage with in the course of our work.

Read the full dual role guidance below (PDF 104kb).

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