Download our annual reports, corporate plan, management statement and financial memorandum from the list below.

Corporate plan

Corporate Plan for 2023-25 (PDF 822KB)

Corporate Plan for 2022-25 (PDF 812KB)

Corporate Plan for 2021-22 (PDF 4MB)

We did not publish a Corporate Plan in 2020-21 due to the pandemic

Corporate plan 2019-20 (PDF 1MB)

Corporate plan 2018-20 (PDF 2MB)

Annual reports

Annual Report 2022-23 (PDF 2MB)

Annual Report 2021-22 (PDF 1.88MB)

Annual Report 2020-21 (PDF 1.07MB)

Annual report 2019-20 (PDF 7MB)

Annual report 2018-19 (PDF 4MB)

Annual report 2017-18 (PDF 4MB)

Annual report 2016-17 (PDF 7MB)

Annual report 2015-16 (PDF 3MB)

Annual report 2014-15 (PDF 3MB)

Annual report 2013-14 (PDF 3MB)

Gender pay gap report

Under the gender pay gap reporting regulations, public sector employers with 250 or more employees are required to publish statutory calculations each year comparing the pay of male and female employees.

As well as including the statutory calculations, our report seeks to explain why we think the pay gaps exist, what the underlying causes are and what we are doing to tackle those underlying causes.

Gender pay gap report 2019-20 (PDF 828KB)

Gender pay gap report 2018-19 (PDF 840KB)

Gender pay gap report 2017-18 (PDF 942KB)

Gender pay gap report 2016-17 (PDF 350KB)

Other documents

Framework Document (PDF 497KB)

Carbon Reduction Plan (PDF 194KB)

Tax strategy January 2019 (PDF 104KB)

Union official disclosure 2017-18 (PDF 99KB)