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Mat Wright

Since 1966, the British Council Families Association has supported the families of British Council staff who are posted overseas. 

Who can join?

Membership is open to the partner of any British Council staff member who is working outside the country where they were originally contracted.

Why should I join?

It’s free to join the British Council Families Association. Benefits include career support, training, our official newsletter and the chance to be part of our community on the British Council Families Association Facebook group. 

How we support families overseas


Sometimes it’s nice to hear from other people in the same position as you. We have a lively online community on Facebook, where you can network with members from all over the world, ask questions and share your experiences.

Many people who are posted overseas read and contribute to the British Council Families Association newsletter, keeping up-to-date with issues that affect members around the world.

Advice and support

We help to ensure a smooth relocation for members who are heading overseas, both before they go and once they arrive.

In most locations, a local point of contact can give information on a range of topics.

We can advise on: 

  • local living conditions - specific country and cultural information
  • visas
  • employment opportunities for partners: members can access local knowledge about job opportunities
  • schooling: we can support you in your search for a school for your children, whether overseas or in the UK. Members also have free online access to the Good Schools Guide
  • healthcare
  • financial planning:  we can direct you to tax, National Insurance and pension advice
  • accommodation: the local contact can advise you on finding a place to live for the duration of your post
  • security: the British Council takes the security of staff and families seriously. The local point of contact can advise on security awareness.

Partner careers

The British Council supports accompanying partners of staff to find work and maintain their own careers during a posting.

As a member you have access to:

  • group or one-to-one consultations with a careers expert, to find out what transferable skills you have, get tips on improving your CV and find advice on how to perform well in interviews. Consultations can be held remotely or in-person
  • vocational training support: partners can apply for reimbursement of tuition and exam fees for specified courses
  • resources: members can borrow a range of career management books
  • social media training: a half-day course led by an expert trainer, providing an introduction to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to help you stay in touch with friends, family and business contacts while you are abroad
  • language training: we’ll assess your need for language training and how best to help you get to grips with local languages, on a case-by-case basis.

Heading home

Excited to come home? Sad to leave? However you feel, we are here to help you get back in the swing of things.  

We offer:

  • job search workshops: members can register for a one-day workshop followed by a one-to-one consultation with a career management expert. 
  • education advice: we support members whose children are applying for a state school or university place in the UK. Members also have free online access to the Good Schools Guide.

Applying for British citizenship (naturalisation)

The British Council may be able to support your application for naturalisation to become a British citizen. Whether we can support your application will depend on your contract terms. 

Join now

Joining is free and easy. Email us and we’ll send you a simple form to complete and return.

Already a member?

Make sure you’re getting the most from your membership.

  • Email us to be added to our private Facebook group.
  • Members get free access to the Good Schools Guide website, which gives advice on schools and universities in the UK and internationally. Email us for a username and password.