Full Degree Scholarships Jan
Full Degree Scholarships will provide financial assistance to eligible scholars studying full-time for an undergraduate, taught master's or PhD programme starting in January/February 2023.

The Warm Welcome Full Degree Scholarship programme provides financial assistance to eligible scholars in the UK with links to Afghanistan starting a full-time undergraduate, taught master's or PhD programme in the January 2023 semester.

There will be one further round of scholarships for a January/February 2023 intake. The scholarships are only available for this academic year and there will not be a further application round for September 2023.

The application was closed on 30 October 2022. 

Warm Welcome Full Degree Scholarships January/February 2023 overview

Eligibility criteria Scholars must meet the eligibility criteria established and also be planning to study full-time for the courses at undergraduate, taught masters or PhD level. Applicants must secure sponsorship from participating higher education provider(s) before applying for the scholarship. Please check the eligibility criteria.
Prioritised programmes Scholars may apply to any course of study, however applications for certain subject areas will be prioritised for the Warm Welcome Scholarship Scheme. Please check the prioritised programmes of study.
Funding available Scholars will receive a quarterly stipend payment to support with accommodation and living expenses. The amounts vary depending on geographical location in the UK and on level of study. The first payments will be made to scholars at the beginning of their course and paid in quarterly intervals for the duration of the studies.
Duration of funding Funding will continue until the scholar has completed their course of study up to a maximum of 1 year for taught master’s courses and 3 years for undergraduate courses and PhDs, or 4 years if studying for an undergraduate course in Scotland.
Tuition and other course fees Participating higher education providers will waive tuition fees and other course costs for scholars for the duration of their studies.
Application process Interested scholars will first apply to study at participating higher education providers, indicating that they plan to pursue an application for a Warm Welcome Scholarship. The higher education provider will inform the scholar of the outcome of their application and whether they are willing to sponsor thier scholarship application. Interested scholars who have been sponsored by a higher education provider(s) can then submit their application via the British Council platform, indicating the courses they have been sponsored for.
Allocation process All applications received by the deadline will be evaluated and scored against the scholarship assessment criteria. If the scheme is oversubscribed, scholarships will be awarded to the highest scoring applicants that can be successfully matched with a sponsoring higher education provider. Scholars can only be allocated to a university which has confirmed sponsorship.
Payment mechanism Scholars will receive their funding directly from their higher education provider. Funding will be paid quarterly (every three months) up until the end of the month in which their courses finished.
Conditions of scholarship Successful scholars must complete their supported course of study. Scholars who withdraw early from their course, or who are not permitted to complete their studies due to any legitimate ruling from their higher education provider will have their funding stopped and will be required to repay any funding for future maintenance and living expenses that has not been reasonably committed before the date of termination. Scholars will not be able to postpone the completion of their studies, or defer their studies beyond the stipulated end date of their course, except in exceptional circumstances relating to severe ill-health and pregnancy. Any extensions will be granted on a case-by-case basis will be for a maximum of one year.
Apply Scholars who have been sponsored by a higher education provider complete their application for a scholarship via the British Council. The application form for scholars will be open from Monday 17 October until Sunday the 30 October 2022.

Participating higher education providers for Full Degree Scholarship programme January 2023


Higher education institution  Warm Welcome enquiries to find out more about the application process
University of Roehampton scholarships@roehampton.ac.uk
Anglia Ruskin University  


Higher education institution  Warm Welcome enquiries to find out more about the application process
University of Northampton international@northampton.ac.uk 
City, University of London Simon.Denton.1@city.ac.uk
University of Leicester nja6@le.ac.uk
University of Roehampton scholarships@roehampton.ac.uk

Anglia Ruskin University


Sheffield Hallam University 



Higher education institution Warm Welcome enquiries to find out more about the application process
University of Bath rrc38@bath.ac.uk
University of Exeter isrscholarships@exeter.ac.uk
University of Southampton  International-scholarships@soton.ac.uk

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