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Mat Wright

This list of Warm Welcome Scholarship Scheme frequently asked questions (FAQ) has been compiled for applicants.

This FAQ page will be expanded with further questions and answers so please bookmark this page and check back for updates.

Last updated: 17 May 2022

Do I need an English test score in order to be eligible for a Warm Welcome Scholarship?

Applicants are applying as UK-based students and as such, the requirements for demonstrating English language proficiency is different than that for international students. You will need to check with the Higher Education Provider (HEP) that you apply to.

I am currently studying in my second year of an undergraduate course and planning to apply for a master’s degree. Which Scholarship would be applicable for me?

If you are completing your current course this academic year and plan to continue your studies and apply for a higher level of study at a UK HEP beginning September/October 2022, you may be eligible to apply for the Warm Welcome Full Degree Scholarship scheme. In such cases, you must decide whether you would like to apply for either the In-Year or Full Degree Scholarship programme as you cannot apply for both programmes.  

What if the university I am currently studying at is not on the list of participating higher education providers?

The list of participating universities is increasing as they respond. The list is available on the Full Degree Scholarship webpage and will be updated up until Thursday 26 May 2022. If you are interested in studying at a university that you do not see on the list, contact them to ask if they are considering participating in the Scheme. 

I understand that this scheme is only open to Afghans in the UK, but do they need to have been or be in the UK by a certain date to be eligible?  

Candidates must be residing in the UK at the point that they apply to a higher education provider.

Are Afghan asylum seekers in the UK able to apply for this scholarship?

Asylum seekers who are currently enrolled as students and are experiencing financial hardship due to the situation in Afghanistan would meet the eligibility criteria for an in-year scholarship. Asylum seekers would not however meet the eligibility criteria for Warm Welcome full degree scholarships.

Are candidates with Afghan Locally Employed Staff(ALES) Settlement status in the UK eligible for this scholarship? 

Yes, the Department for Education (DfE) has confirmed that those with Afghan Locally Employed Staff(ALES) Settlement status on Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) card are eligible for the Warm Welcome Scholarship Scheme.

Does the Scheme offer IELTS preparation courses? 

No, we cannot support with IELTS preparation courses – this Scheme is for university study. However, this Prepare for IELTS webpage helps to explain the different ways you can prepare for IELTS. 

I have bachelor’s degree from Afghanistan. Do I need to demonstrate the equivalence of the qualification?

You will need to ask the higher education provider what documentation they will need to be submitted for each application. 

Is it essential to sponsored by a university before applying for these scholarships?

It is a two-stage application process. You must first apply to a participating university and be accepted and sponsored by them for a specific course. Then sponsored applicants apply for scholarship funding via the British Council application form.