Before planning your application to the Warm Welcome Scholarship programme, it's important to check that you meet the eligibility criteria. ©

Mat Wright 

Interested applicants to the Warm Welcome Scholarship Scheme must meet the eligibility requirements outlined below.

1. Residency status eligibility 

Eligible scholars for the programme are those eligible for a UK university place and who fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Afghanistan Relocations and Assistance Policy (ARAP) resettlement route
  2. Afghanistan Citizens Resettlement Scheme (ACRS) resettlement route
  3. Those with links to Afghanistan who are already registered at a UK university and are experiencing financial hardship due to the situation in Afghanistan
  4. Afghan British Nationals (ABNs), described for these purposes as those that were evacuated during Operation Pitting and who entered bridging accommodation or who presented as homeless to a council, but hold British citizenship or some other status that permits them to remain and reside in the UK without the need to be granted leave to remain.   

If none of these categories apply to your circumstances, unfortunately you are ineligible to apply for a Warm Welcome Scholarship. You may wish to check the Study UK website for further information on sources of university funding. 

2. Course eligibility requirements 

In-Year Scholarships

To be eligible for a Warm Welcome In-Year Scholarship, you must be:

  • currently studying full-time at a UK higher education provider at either undergraduate, taught master's, or PhD level.  

If you're completing your current course this academic year and plan to continue your studies and apply for a higher level of study at a UK higher education provider beginning September/October 2022, you may be eligible to apply for the Warm Welcome Full Degree Scholarship route. In such cases, you must decide whether you would like to apply for either the In-Year or Full Degree Scholarship route as you cannot apply for both programmes.  

Full Degree Scholarships

To be eligible for a Warm Welcome Full Degree Scholarship, you must be:

  • planning to apply, or have applied, to study full-time at either undergraduate, taught masters or PhD level at a UK higher education provider beginning September/October 2022.