The growing demand for English in education and the workplace is driving language policies in many countries towards introducing English as the medium of instruction and improving the quality of English language teaching and assessment.

What is Aptis for Teachers?

Aptis for Teachers is a variant of Aptis, it has been designed to evaluate the English language skills in the educational sector. It can be fully integrated into existing systems and managed locally, enabling teachers’ English levels to be tracked over time and the success of training programmes to be measured effectively. It can be used by Ministries of Education and Educational Institutions around the world to test the English skills of teachers or students in teacher training programs.

The structure and length of Aptis for Teachers is the same as one for Aptis; however, test content relates specifically to teachers and questions tap into themes and scenarios that teachers come across every day. As a result, questions are familiar, allowing candidates to focus purely on the language rather than the context of the questions.

Aptis for Teachers can be used to test:

  • English teachers working in schools around the world
  • Teachers of other subjects in schools around the world
  • English teachers in large scale language programs, including commercially-run programs
  • Students on teacher training or university programmes
  • Other professionals working in educational contexts.

With Aptis for Teachers, you can:

  • assess English language skills of teachers
  • conduct English language audits of teachers and identify their training needs
  • identify English language levels of students on teacher training or university programmes
  • evaluate the effectiveness of language development projects at various stages.