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The Cultural Relations Collection brings together thematic essays reflecting on the theory and practice of international cultural relations. Image ©

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New Voices on International Cultural Relations: a British Council Research and Policy Insight Roundtable 

Monday 21 June 2021

10:30 to 12:00 BST

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This event will be held online and is open to all and free of charge.

About the event

How is the theory and practice of international cultural relations changing under the impact of a global pandemic and rapid transition to digital delivery?

What is the role and relevance of these new cultural relations contexts within the strategic framework of the UK Government’s recent Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy?

Join us for a roundtable to discuss these questions with new voices from research and practice, inspired by a set of essays recently published as part of our Cultural Relations Collection.

These essays shine a cultural relations lens on different areas of international collaboration and exchange. They provide a starting point for a wider-ranging discussion about the present state and future directions of international cultural relations within the British Council and beyond. 

Speakers and panellists:

Background and context

The Integrated Review acknowledges the work of the British Council and the role of international education, science and research, and the creative and cultural industries (amongst other cultural relations assets) in making the UK a ‘soft power superpower’.

How is our understanding of cultural relations in 2021 evolving in response to global challenges, new and old? How is this being played out in practice as the UK enters a new chapter in its global relationships? 

Our recent Cultural Relations Collection essays speak to these questions from different perspectives and global contexts. They address topics such as the role of research in supporting the SDGs, the need to increase the resilience and equity of the global economy, and the changing global landscape emerging through increased cross-border migration.  

Together, the essays provide a timely prompt to re-consider the cultural relations response to these and other topics highlighted in the Integrated Review.

The roundtable brings new voices to this discussion, with a focus on early-career research and dialogue between these emerging academic perspectives and those of British Council practitioners. 

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