Teenager in Kenya with headphones
Next Generation Kenya: listening to the voices of young people. One in every five Kenyans is between 15 and 24 years of age and they are vital to the country’s future.  ©

Mat Wright

April 2018

More than one in every five Kenyans is between 15 and 24 years of age. This fast-growing, almost ten-million-strong youth cohort is vital to the country’s future. If the government is to achieve its goal of Kenya becoming a middle-income country by 2030, empowering its most energetic, ambitious generation to realise its economic and social potential will be crucial.

The Next Generation Kenya report comprises a systematic review of the academic literature and youth voices of a nationally representative sample of 4,014 Kenyans aged 15–24 from each of the country’s 47 counties. This report first synthesises the main findings from the research highlighting key areas of education and skills, employment and youth voice. It then presents a set of recommendations made by Kenyan youth on the changes required to improve their own prospects of success and their country’s prospects of capturing a demographic dividend.


Mark Weston, Associate, Riverpath Associates


Next Generation is a series of global British Council research focusing on the attitudes and aspirations of young people, and the policies and conditions that support them in becoming creative, fulfilled and active citizens. 

The research projects examine young people’s views around education, employment and lifestyle, as well as uncovering their hopes and fears for their country, their degree of international engagement and views on the wider world, and the values and beliefs that affect their lives. 

In countries where we have conducted multiple Next Generation reports, the first acts as a benchmark, with later research taking a deep dive into a given area, such as democratic engagement or experience of conflict.