Mat Wright

Promoting high-quality English teaching, learning and assessment in state education systems.

Our work in English Programmes is driven by the British Council purpose of building trust and understanding between the people of the UK and other countries. 

We support this through our vision for more widespread knowledge and better understanding of English worldwide, empowering people to access opportunities and build international connections. We believe that high-quality and inclusive teaching, learning and assessment of English increases academic, career and social opportunities that enable young people to participate actively in a global society. 

Our research and innovation with UK and overseas partners provide evidence of ‘what works’ in English language teaching (ELT) and learning, and contribute to improving standards of English worldwide. We are well positioned to support systemic change based on research, insight and practical experience of the contexts in which we work. 

We are proud to be central to the UK’s commitment to supporting education systems to improve the teaching and learning of English effectively, affordably and at scale. Our relationships on the ground and long-standing partnerships with governments, development partners, teaching professionals and the best of UK and overseas ELT expertise, complemented by our extensive record of innovation in programme design and implementation, make us a unique organisation to work with.

We work with governments, ministries of education, teaching professionals, students and non-government educational organisations across the globe to improve the quality of English teaching, learning and assessment in their countries. Our work empowers young people to gain the skills, confidence and connections they are looking for to realise their potential and to participate in strong and inclusive communities.

English in Education

English Language Teaching in Education

Provide support overseas governments to improve standards in the teaching, learning and assessment of English where the home language is the language of teaching and learning and English is taught as a mandatory or elective subject.

English in a Multilingual World

Support overseas governments to improve standards in the teaching, learning and assessment of English where English is the language of teaching and learning for all or part of the education system.

English and Empowerment

Language for Resilience

Provide opportunities for English teachers and learners in fragile states so displaced groups and local communities can benefit from high quality English teaching and learning.

English for Girls’ Education


Provide opportunities for girls from lower income backgrounds to learn English and core skills such as digital literacy.

English Connects

Support individual teacher educators and teachers with professional development opportunities, resources and professional networks through a global online English teacher community.