News crew in Serbia

Srdjan Staletovic

In December 2016, the ‘Study trips to Brussels and Member States’ project was granted a two year extension, following the successful achievement of results after two years of implementation.

The project enables journalists from Serbia to participate in thematic visits to institutions in Brussels and/or EU member states to explore and report on topics relevant to EU accession and integration.

The visits give journalists an opportunity to witness first-hand the impact of these topics within the elected EU country. The aim is also to help them develop and strengthen their experience in comparing, analysing and reporting on these themes in Serbian media.

So far, more than 300 journalists, representatives from academia and NGOs, youth activists, and students have been involved in over 20 trips to 17 member states. 

The British Council supported the facilitation of these trips, helping to arrange visits to numerous ministries and Brussels-based institutions and cultural centres, and with local media and journalists. 

Following the trips, more than 320 pieces across TV, radio, newspapers, news agencies and web-portals were published, as well as 12 country-wide public events. The coverage shone a new spotlight on topics such as human rights, the fight against corruption, agriculture, small and medium enterprises, diplomacy, health, and consumer protection.

The study visit programme has helped to significantly improve the approach and raise the standard of investigative journalism in Serbia. The British Council is recognised as a reliable and efficient media partner in helping to promote quality and investigative journalism in the country.

The project is funded by The Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia and has a total value of €858,000.


June 2017