Mat Wright

The British Council is a transparent and open organisation that strives to build trust between people worldwide.

In this spirit, we make information about our ways of work and our performance public. You can also request information under the Freedom of Information Act.

We produce corporate reports and documents, including an Annual Report, which evaluates our previous year's performance and global impact. The Corporate Plan, also found in corporate reports and documents, outlines the focus of our work and direction.

We are an international organisation engaging with over 600 million people a year, and so we abide by an extensive range of policies. These ensure that we meet the highest standards in vital areas ranging from equality, diversity and inclusion to child protection and environmental sustainability.


As an executive non-departmental public body, we are called annually before the parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee to give evidence on British Council activity as part of the committee’s inquiry into the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Performance and Finances and, upon request, called to the Public Accounts Committee.

As a registered charity we are subject to charities legislation and to scrutiny by the Charity Commission.

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