Free professional development online resources

At the British Council, we are committed to developing future leaders. To prepare for the world ahead of us, the next generation of leaders must be skilled, innovative and globally connected people. Leaders must be able to bravely respond to change with effective policymaking to be able to address the world’s greatest challenges. This is why we are growing our online community where we share free policy and leadership resources to connect a global network of emerging policy leaders. 

Each year the Future Leaders Connect free online community reaches tens of thousands of people around the world with free policy and leadership professional development resources. Register to join the community and enhance your access to opportunities and learning. Our online community is for anyone, anywhere in the world. We want to bring people together, offer free learning and support people to lead change around the world through policymaking. 

"Imagine 1.8 billion people making change, imagine how that would impact our planet. If I could make one policy change, it would be to instigate the value of equality across everything that we do on an international, national and community level." 

Jayathma Wickramanayake, United Nation’s Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth


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