By using Aptis, you can also see how your students’ reading skills map against the Lexile® Framework for Reading. The Lexile Framework for Reading is a global standard which measures two characteristics:

  • the reading ability of a student 
  • the reading complexity of the text. 

Over 40 million students across 180 countries worldwide are receiving Lexile measures.

Aptis Reading scores and the Lexile Framework for Reading 

The British Council and MetaMetrics  collaborated to link the Aptis Reading component scores to the Lexile Framework for Reading  in 2015. 

When students take an Aptis test they receive an Aptis scale score and a CEFR level for each of the skills tested. As part of their Reading score students can also receive their Lexile measure. 

In this way, we help students, teachers and parents make more informed choices about their reading materials, offering a practical way to improve reading skills. When students know their Lexile measure, they can match themselves up to books at a level shown to support and develop their reading ability.

How does the Lexile Framework for Reading help leaders in Education?

The Lexile measure adds vital information for your school or university to understand if the textbooks used in your institution are supporting or inhibiting the academic success of your students. This is especially relevant in contexts of English as the Medium of Instruction (EMI) or English across the Curriculum. The Lexile measure helps in a number of ways:

  • it offers a way to select the right texts and textbooks for students, across subjects, increasing their chances of academic success
  • it allows you to track student reading progress toward the English reading demand in your country or region
  • it applies to most kinds of text across all genres
  • it enables you to understand the optimum reading materials to support your students’ development.

Find out more about the Lexile Framework for Reading here

How can the combined Aptis Reading and Lexile measure benefit learners?

By choosing Aptis for your educational institution, you can also receive the relevant Lexile measure of reading ability of your students. This will allow you to:

  • personalize learning by finding texts at the specific reading level of your students
  • track progress toward ‘real world’ external benchmarks 
  • measure progress across different assessments and reading programmes.

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