Country: China
Client: various educational institutions 

Since 2019, Aptis group reports provided by the British Council include a Lexile score for each Aptis test taker in addition to the numerical score and CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) level achieved. The Lexile framework was developed by Metametrics with the aim of facilitating reading development by aiding the selection of appropriate reading materials for learners at different levels of reading proficiency.

Based on the score achieved on the Aptis reading test, a Lexile score in the form of a 2- to 4- digit number is assigned to a learner that gives insight into the complexity of reading material they are expected to be able to cope with. A similar number on the same scale is assigned to an increasing number of books, articles and other potential reading materials. This enables learners and teachers to easily select reading material of appropriate linguistic complexity in order to maximize learning and maintain interest.

'We value the Lexile-scale as an addition to the Aptis test. Our school uses several approaches to assess our students’ reading abilities and we feel that the Lexile scale provides an objective and quantitative way for assessment and a useful tool to match our students with appropriate reading materials. Moreover, we can connect the Lexile assessment results with other test results in order to better plan for our students’ studies in reading. This is quite a unique and helpful tool compared to other tools on the market.' 
Academic Director of a top private K-12 school and Aptis client in Shanghai