Applications for 2023 are now closed. The timeline below applies if you submitted a proposal before the 31 March 2023 deadline and received a confirmation email from us. The 2024 call for proposals is expected to open again next year. If you would like to contact the team, please email

The purpose of the Assessment Research Awards is to assist doctoral-level research students (Ph.D./Ed.D.) in the field of language testing and assessment in part of their Ph.D/Ed.D. project, such as their data collection, analysis activities and/or in presenting their work at an international conference.

The application should be completed by the research student and their academic supervisor, and should include details of how the Award will contribute to the completion of the student’s work, or details of the paper accepted for presentation at the conference. There will a number of Awards available on an annual basis, to a maximum value of £2,500 per Award. Projects will generally be 6-24 months in duration. 

Proposals must be presented on the application form available for download at the bottom of this page. Applicants should submit their completed project proposal form by email attachment to the British Council at

Key dates for the Assessment Research Awards 2023

February-March 2023 Call for proposals
31 March 2023 Applications close
April 2023 Preliminary review of applications
May 2023 Evaluation and selection
30 June 2023 Notification of decisions to applicants
July-August 2023 Drawing up and signing of contracts
1 September 2023 Project start (see below)

Project timeline and deliverables

1. Project start

We are assuming and working towards a project start date of 1 September 2023, however this will be subject to the completion of administrative processes, including the signing of a Grants contract between the British Council and the individual.

A 60% payment of the full Award amount will be made at the start of the project timeline.

2. Interim report (written)

This will be due midway through the project timeline and will be required to demonstrate progress on the project to date.

3. Final report (written)

A four-to-five-page summary outlining the recipient’s achievements will be required on completion of the project. Once approved by our editorarial team, the remaining 40% of the Award amount will be processed.

Previous recipients of an Assessment Research Award


  • Sin Wang Chong (University College London, UK, supervisor Talia Isaacs)
  • Ananda Astrini Muhammad (Iowa State University, USA, supervisor Gary Ockey)
  • Dung (Davy) Tran (The University of Texas at San Antonio, USA, supervisor Becky Huang)
  • Gulnahar Begum (Queen’s University Belfast, UK, supervisor Aisling O’Boyle)
  • Agustinus Hardi Prasetyo (Iowa State University, USA, supervisor Gary Ockey)
  • Xian Li (Georgia State University, USA, supervisor Sara Cushing)


  • Camilo Ramos Gálvez (Lancaster University, UK, supervisor Tineke Brunfaut)
  • Hitoshi Nishizawa (University of Hawaii, USA, supervisor Daniel Isbell)
  • Natalia de Andrade Raymundo (University of Campinas, Brazil, supervisor Matilde Virgínia Ricardi Scaramucci)
  • Sharon Sin Ying Wong (University of Bristol, UK, supervisor Guoxing Yu)
  • Yena Park (Indiana University, USA, supervisor Sun-Young Shin)
  • John Dylan Burton (Michigan State University, USA, supervisor Paula Winke)
  • Nazlinur Göktürk Tüney (Iowa State University, USA, supervisor Carol A.Chapelle)


  • David Wei Dai (University of Melbourne, Australia, supervisor A Prof Carsten Roever)
  • Lizbeth Morales Berlanga (University of Southampton, UK, supervisor Dr Ying Zheng) 
  • Friederike Sell (University of Bonn, Germany, supervisor Prof. Dr. Klaus P. Schneider)
  • Ji-young Shin (Purdue University, USA, supervisor Professor April Ginther)
  • Pakize Uludag (Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, supervisor Prof Kim McDonough)
  • Santi Budi Lestari (Lancaster University, UK, supervisor Dr Tineke BrunFaut)
  • Sha Liu (School of Education, University of Bristol, UK, supervisor Guoxing Yu)
  • Thuy Ha Lam Thai (University of Huddersfield, UK, supervisor Susan Sheehan)


  • Glyn Jones (Lancaster University, UK, supervisor Dr Luke Harding)
  • Roman O. Lesnov (Northern Arizona University, USA, supervisor Professor Joan M Jamieson)
  • Olena Rossi (Lancaster University, UK, supervisor Dr Tineke Brunfaut)
  • Sonca Vo  (Iowa State University, USA, supervisor Professor Gary Ockey)
  • Jorge Luis Beltran Zuniga (Teachers College, Columbia University, USA, supervisor Professor James E Purpura


  • Alun Evan Meredydd Roger (CRELLA, University of Bedfordshire, supervisor Dr. Fumiyo Nakatsuhara)
  • Carolyn Westbrook (CRELLA, University of Bedfordshire, supervisor Professor Anthony Green)
  • Qie Han (Teachers’ College, Columbia University, supervisor Professor James E. Purpura)
  • Salomé Villa Larenas (Lancaster University, supervisor Dr. Tineke Brunfaut)


  • Maria Georgina Fernandez Sesma (University of Southampton,UK,supervisor Dr Ying Zheng)
  • Iftikhar Haider (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,USA, supervisors Professor Emeritus Fred Davidson & Professor Melissa Bowles)
  • Benjamin Kremmel (University of Nottingham, UK, supervisor Professor Norbert Schmitt)
  • Suh Keong Kwon (University of Bristol, UK, supervisor Dr Guoxing Yu)
  • Heidi Han-Ting Liu (Teachers College, Columbia University, USA, supervisor Professor James E. Purpura)
  • Yueting Xu (The University of Hong Kong, SARPRC, supervisor Professor David R. Carless)


  • Tanzeela Anbreen (University of Bedfordshire, UK, supervisor Professor Stephen Bax).
  • Tony Clark (University of Bristol, UK, supervisors Dr Guoxing Yu and Dr Talia Asaacs).
  • Lin Fang (University of Bristol, UK, supervisor Dr Guoxing Yu).
  • Edit Ficzere (University of Bedfordshire, UK, supervisor Dr Fumiyo Nakatsuhara).
  • Elsa Gonzalez (University of Southampton, UK, supervisor Dr Ying Zheng).
  • Mikako Nishikawa, (University of Bristol, UK, supervisor Dr Guoxing Yu).
  • Saerhim Oh (Teachers College, Columbia University, USA, supervisor Professor Jim Purpura).
  • Victor Santos (Iowa State University, USA, supervisor Professor Carol A. Chapelle).
  • Linxiao Wang (Northern Arizona University, USA, supervisor Dr Okim Kang).