As educators, you have an important role to play in enhancing the employability of your students and raising the quality of teaching in your educational institution. Reliable English language testing plays an essential role in this by enabling you to evaluate students and teachers, recruit the right staff, design suitable training programmes and place students in the right courses.

Aptis is an innovative English language test that enables educational institutions across the world to assess the English language proficiency of their teachers, other staff, and students. 

Aptis for Teachers is a variant of Aptis designed to assess English language skills in an educational context. Aptis for Teens is a variant of Aptis containing questions that have been designed to reflect activities that occur in a teenager’s everyday life.


  • Aptis uses a detailed reporting system, where both a scaled score and a CEFR level are provided for each skill tested.
  • Individual and group reports are provided so you get a clear picture of each test taker’s strengths and weaknesses as well as their ranking within the workforce.
  • A compulsory grammar and vocabulary test is combined with one or more skills tests (reading, writing, speaking and listening), allowing you to test only the skills that are relevant. 
  • Aptis can be taken using a computer, tablet, or pen and paper and results can be provided within 48 hours.
  • All Aptis tests consist of high-quality content put together and reviewed by a dedicated global team for suitability around the world.
  • Free practice materials and test guides are available for candidates. 
  • The test is simple to administer and technical support is provided.
  • The British Council is strongly committed to the highest standards of equality, diversity and inclusion in testing, so extra time can be allocated for candidates in specially prepared computer-based versions when this is required. A braille version of the core and reading test is available.


The types of institutions that have chosen Aptis include private and public universities, colleges, schools, language schools and international schools.  

ILIA State University in Georgia

Ilia State University in Georgia was the first university in the country that responded to a new law passed in 2012, which required students to attain a specified level of English to be allowed to graduate from university. The British Council was approached by the University to reorganise the English teaching within the university and deliver a high quality English programme within a specified budget. Aptis yielded very positive results for the university, allowing them to reliably identify the language level of students accurately, and place them into the correct groups for the subsequent English classes. 

The Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST) in Thailand

The aim of the initiative between IPST and the British Council was two-fold: to provide initial intensive English skills development to IPST scholars in order to prepare them for Master’s degrees in English, or for future teaching roles using English as the medium of instruction; and secondly, to assess the English proficiency skills of the scholars both before and after the training using Aptis. 

EASYWay Language School in Colombia

EASYWay Language is a language school based in Colombia who teach English across Latin America. The client used Aptis to measure the English language competencies among its students who were part of the master’s programme.  The British Council provided a general overview of EASYWay Language’s Teaching Masters programme and support on how it would link to Aptis. The Council also offered training on management of exam process, supported their first session with on hand training and development.

Nazarbayev State University in Kazakhstan

The British Council works closely with Nazarbayev State University in Kazakhstan to test students coming into their scholarship program. Assessing the English language skills of high-school graduates across the country, the university uses Aptis to filter students and identify those who are ready to take IELTS. Students who achieve high IELTS scores are then offered scholarships with the university.

Shouf National School in Lebanon

Shouf National School, one of the prominent schools in Lebanon, used Aptis test to assess the English language proficiency of their teachers and to seek further improvement in their teaching methodology through the gaps identified by the Aptis test.


Ma’arif for Education & Training in Saudi Arabia


Ma’arif for Education  & Training, an educational organisation which manages schools throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,uses Aptis to benchmark English levels within their school network and also use Aptis scores as an indicator of progress for students as they pass up through their system. All students from years 7-10 will be required to take a 4 Skills Aptis test

each year and their scores will be inputted into a central school database.

Caledonian College in Oman

 Caledonian college used Aptis to benchmark the English language proficiency of their students before they were assigned to different levels or English language courses in their college. 

Universidad de Talca in Chile

In Chile we are working with Universidad de Talca on language development of their students. The students first take Aptis as a diagnostic test of their existing English language levels. The students are then retested on an on-going basis, at crucial stages within the University’s language program to improve teaching and learning as well as preparing students for international tests.

eAge Edusolutions Pvt Ltd in India

eAge Edusolutions Pvt Ltd, an Indian based online learning company, used Aptis to benchmark teachers who were teaching online English courses and students registered for those online courses. eAge Edusolutions Pvt Ltd have purchased the Aptis tests with a focus on pre-training and post-training benchmarking assessment of the students registered for their online English courses from all across India to assess improvements

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