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English certification can be a key factor of success for students and universities around the world. For students, it can influence their chance of graduating, being accepted onto a course or starting a PhD or Masters’ degree.  For universities, the success of their students ultimately determines the success of the university. 

Read on to find out how the Aptis test helps thousands of students achieve their goals each year at universities across the world.

A university in Mexico embraces the user-friendly test

For thousands of students at Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP) in Mexico, a test that is flexible, user friendly with helpful resources and quick results turnaround are important factors when considering which test to take to complete or advance their studies.

According to Juan Manuel Diez Ávila, English Coordinator for Faculties at BUAP:  “Thousands of students at BUAP need an English certification. Some of them have already passed all their subjects but can’t complete the whole process to obtain their degree as they lack this certification. Others need to complete the basic formation, which includes four subjects of English, to advance but they have not passed all of them.”

The importance of English certification

Over the years, this has generated a backlog of thousands of students who need to complete their requirements, including English certification, in order to graduate. Graduation will present them with better job opportunities or allow them to advance to the next stage in their academic development.

Helping students graduate

Aptis provided a solution to this problem. With its quick results and its ability to be taken on any day, at any time, it means it is a flexible, affordable and user-friendly test. Thanks to its free and easily accessible preparation platform, which provides extensive practice resources, it also helps students to prepare for their test day.

Delivering the required results

At Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP), where thousands of students take an English test each academic year, feedback is consistent, with both students and teachers praising Aptis as a flexible, user-friendly and affordable test that delivers the results in 48 hours.

The results are mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), providing a full overview of the language profile of each test taker.

“Our experience using Aptis is positive; it is now referred to as the main option among the different certifications that Facultad de Lenguas BUAP offers. Here, it is crucial for students at public universities to complete their courses as it determines future funding for educational programmes. English certification plays a vital role in completing this process.”
Juan Manuel Diez Avila, English co-ordinator.

With thanks to Juan Manuel Diez Ávila, English Coordinator for Faculties, Facultad de Lenguas, BUAP