Students learn with us through our online English classes and courses, or at our English teaching centres

Each year we reach more than 420,000 learners through our online teaching courses and English language centres around the world. Students can access a British Council teacher in over 100 countries.

Self-access learning through our digital platforms

We support 100 million learners and 15 million teachers worldwide through our online courses and resources.

We believe everyone should have access to learn English if they want to, which is why we run the world's most-used English language learning websites - with free resources for every age and level of proficiency. We have content, quizzes and advice for kids, teens, adults, parents and teachers.

Our online courses and our websites mean we can reach learners in many countries where we do not have a language centre or teachers.

Teacher-led English classes

We offer courses at our language centres for all ages, as well as reaching students with live online classes and 1-1 personal tuition with personalised study plans. We are constantly innovating and developing our teaching offer.

Where are our English teaching centres?

We have over 170 centres in more than 40 countries. We teach a range of in-person courses from young learners to adults.

As well as at our language centres, you might also find us in local schools, colleges and universities - places convenient for our learners. We also have a number of English libraries, which not only host inspirational events but also run ad-hoc English language courses.