English and empowerment

We provide opportunities for individuals in areas where English and other language education can help build resilience, develop agency and voice, and support academic and career goals. ​

English and Digital for Girls’ Education​

We work with girls who are out of school or living in socio-economically disadvantaged or isolated communities, where language is often a barrier to girls’ education.

Our work provides girls with opportunities to learn English, develop digital and other core skills, and build confidence. It improves girls’ understanding of their rights and gives them a safe space to talk about the issues that affect their lives. This empowers them to make more informed life choices, supporting them to build the futures they want for themselves and their families. ​

Language for Resilience​

We support young people and adults who have been displaced, affected by conflict or misunderstanding, or are from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds or isolated communities.

Our work focuses on the role of language in building resilience – whether that’s giving a voice to individuals affected by unrest or distrust, building social cohesion in communities or providing people with the language skills they need to access vital education, career opportunities, services and information. This enables young people who have been disadvantaged or marginalised, including refugees and their host communities, to withstand challenges, recover from crisis and plan for the future.


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