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Below are some key points to take on board when applying to the ELTons. Make sure your product or service meets these criteria to ensure you're submitting a viable application:

  • Innovations submitted to the ELTons 2024 must have been completed within the two years prior to the 2024 application closing date. 
  • Applications can only be submitted to one award.
  • However, applicants can submit multiple different applications to the awards and into different award categories (e.g. including from overseas offices).
  • Entries can only be submitted to the awards once; they cannot be re-submitted in subsequent years. If a product has changed significantly since a previous submission it may be considered. Please contact eltons@britishcouncil.org with details of the changes before submitting.
  • You cannot resubmit a volume in a series if a volume has already been submitted in previous years. Where the elements of a series, such as a series of handbooks for teachers, are on different subjects these may be submitted individually. This is especially relevant for the Excellence in Course Innovation Award. For example, you cannot enter level one of a course one year and then the whole course or another level the following year.
  • Entries cannot be submitted which have been led by or have had significant involvement from the British Council or (a) British Council employee(s). If you are unsure if this effects your entry, please contact eltons@britishcouncil.org before submitting.
  • It is not possible to enter the awards solely for the ELTons Judges’ Commendations. Submissions are an optional part of the application to one of the main ELTons award categories. The commendations are not separate award categories, but are additional special commendations given only to finalists of the awards.

For any questions, please contact eltons@britishcouncil.org.