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To enter your innovation you must submit your application, complete with a sample of your product, via the ELTons’ submission portal

The application includes:

  • an online questionnaire; and
  • a product sample upload.

You must complete all parts of the application.

All applications will be scrutinised to check their eligibility for the ELTons awards.

Completing the online questionnaire

The online questionnaire collects details of the application and invites you to explain:

  • your product or service;
  • how it is innovative; and 
  • how it fits the criteria for the award.

Submitting a product sample

To complete your application you must submit one digital copy of your entry (e.g. digital access to your course, book, app, platform, project materials etc).

Please note, entry samples to the ELTons 2024 must be provided in a digital format. Physical samples may only be accepted by exception. Please contact the ELTons team at eltons@britishcouncil.org before submitting a physical sample.

Your digital product sample can be submitted: 

  • As a document (Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or PDF) giving clear instructions for judges on how to access your entry sample (e.g. providing URLs and/or access codes). 
  • Or if your entry itself can be contained in one document file (e.g. book, course book, publication, learning or teaching material, or project presentation etc.) this can be uploaded directly into the ELTons online submission portal. 
  • It may also include links to video (.MP4/.AVI) files or photography of physical samples (e.g. teaching aids), if relevant to the educational materials found within your sample. 

Please title your file: ELTons 2024 Sample_Category name_Product name.

Access to samples should incur no cost to the ELTons team or judges. 

Product sample examples 

  • If you are submitting a printed publication, a digital version should be submitted e.g. in PDF format. 
  • If your sample includes multiple elements, a Word or PDF document should be submitted listing each sample element with clear instructions on how to access them, including any access codes. 
  • If you are submitting a website, app, or other digital media not included in the above file types, relevant URLs/download links should be sent in a Word or PDF document with clear instructions on how to access the product, including any access codes. 
  • If you are submitting a project or service where none of the above media types can serve as a product sample, a video or presentation may be accepted in lieu. Please consult with the ELTons team at eltons@britishcouncil.org before making a submission.

Crediting the creators and innovators involved

Please use the application questionnaire to provide the names of all parties to be credited for the innovation, as you wish them to appear for awards purposes, including, as applicable: 

  • The main organisation(s) or sole trader(s) responsible.
  • Partner organisations(s) or individuals(s).
  • Nominated persons/team members; and/or editors or authors.

This information will be used for communications and marketing purposes related to the awards. All parties, including partners, need to be informed and consent to the application submission.

Each individual credited may also receive a communication about the awards. Please ensure you provide a contact email address for each individual for this purpose.

Application feedback

Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications received we are unable to give individual feedback to unsuccessful applicants.