SCL International College - Stay Campus LondonFull report 2018 (PDF 202KB)

Sedbergh International Summer School, Cumbria Full report 2019 (PDF 205KB)

Select English, Cambridge, Cambridge Full report 2017 (PDF 325KB), Compliance report 2022 (PDF 219KB)

Select English Summer Courses, Cambridge Full report 2018 (PDF 314KB)

Severnvale Academy, Shrewsbury, Shropshire Full report 2019 (PDF 201KB), Spot check 2019 (PDF 83KB)

Sheffield College (The), Sheffield Full report 2018 (PDF 239KB)

Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield Full report 2022 (PDF 215KB)

Sherborne International, Dorset Full report 2019 (PDF 209KB)

Sidmouth International School, Sidmouth, Devon Full report 2017 (PDF 367KB), Compliance report 2022 (PDF 249KB)

SKOLA English in London, London Full report 2019 (PDF 216KB)

South and City College Birmingham (SCCB), West Midlands Full report 2019 (PDF 211KB)

Southbourne School of English, Bournemouth, Dorset Full report 2019 (PDF 228KB)

Speakeasy School of English, London Full report 2017 (PDF 312KB), Compliance report 2022 (PDF 211KB)

Speak Up London, London Full report 2017 (PDF 321KB), Compliance report 2022 (PDF 214KB)

Spinnaker School of English, Portsmouth, Hampshire Full report 2017 (PDF 309KB), Interim statement 2021 (PDF 69KB)

St Andrew's College Language Schools, Multicentre (Head office - Glasgow, Scotland) Full report 2018 (PDF 520KB), Compliance report 2022 (PDF 238KB)

St. Brelade's College, St. Aubin, Jersey Full report 2018 (PDF 273KB),  Compliance report 2023 (PDF 218KB)

St Clare's, Oxford Full report 2018 (PDF 338KB)

St. Edmund's College Summer School, Near Ware, Hertfordshire Full report 2017 (PDF 318KB), Compliance report 2022 (PDF 223KB)

St George's Business and English Language Centre, Hastings Full report 2017 (PDF 319 KB), Spot check 2017 (PDF 218KB), Spot check 2018 (PDF 202KB)

St. Giles International, Brighton Full report 2019 (PDF 226KB)

St. Giles International, Cambridge Full report 2018  (PDF 342KB), Spot check 2019 (PDF 191KB), Spot check 2019 (PDF 94KB)

St. Giles International, Eastbourne Full report 2019 (PDF 205KB)

St. Giles International, London Central Full report 2022 (PDF 225KB)

St. Giles International, London Highgate Full report 2022 (PDF 226KB)

St Giles Juniors UK, Multicentre (Administrative office – Brighton) Full report 2018 (PDF 314KB)

Stafford House School of English Cambridge, Full report 2021 (PDF 225KB)

Stafford House School of English, Canterbury, Kent  Full report 2021 (PDF 253KB)

Stafford House School of English, London Full report 2021 (PDF 298KB)

Stafford House Study Holidays  Multicentre (Head office - Canterbury, Kent) Full report 2018 (PDF 313KB), Spot check 2021 (PDF 129KB)

Stamford Academy, Stamford Supplementary report 2018 (PDF 248KB)

 STAR Exeter, Devon Full report 2019 (PDF 197KB)

Studio Cambridge English Language Courses, Cambridge Full report 2019 (PDF 223KB)

Studio Cambridge English Language and Activity Programmes, - Multicentre (Head office - Cambridge) Full report 2018 (PDF 394KB), Compliance report 2022 (PDF 242KB)

Summer Boarding Courses, Multicentre (Head office - Guiseley) Full report 2018 (PDF 335KB)

Summers Abroad, Southampton Full report 2019  (PDF 218KB) [Currently closed, re-opening 2024] 

Suzanne Sparrow (Plymouth) Language School Ltd. Plymouth Full report 2019 (PDF 201KB)

Swansea University ELTS, Swansea, Wales Full report 2022 (PDF 233KB)