Accredited centres - S

Scarborough International School, Scarborough Full report 2013 (PDF 324KB)

School of English Studies, Folkestone, Kent Full report 2014 (PDF 354KB)

Select English, Cambridge, Cambridge Full report 2013 (PDF 334KB)

Select English Summer Courses, Cambridge Full report 2014 (PDF 421KB)

Severnvale Academy, Shrewsbury, Shropshire Full report 2015 (PDF 328KB)

Shane Global Language Centres, Hastings, Hastings Full report 2013 (PDF 323KB), Spot check report 2014 (PDF 277KB)

Sheffield College (The), Sheffield Full report 2014 (PDF 369KB)

Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield Full report 2013 (PDF 346KB)

Sherborne International, Dorset Full report 2015 (PDF 377KB)

Sidmouth International School, Sidmouth, Devon Full report 2013 (PDF 380KB)

SKOLA English in Exeter, Exeter, Devon Full report 2015 (PDF 330KB), Spot check 2016 (PDF 126KB)

SKOLA English in London, London Full report 2015 (PDF 340KB)

SKOLA English Study Tours, London  Full report 2014 (PDF 358KB), Spot check 2015 (PDF 242KB)

SKOLA Newland College, Chorleywood, London Full report 2014 (PDF 343KB)

South and City College Birmingham (SCCB), West Midlands Full report 2015 (PDF 296KB)

South Eastern Regional College, Northern Ireland Full report 2014 (PDF 236KB)

South Thames College, London Full report 2013 (PDF 402KB)

Southall School of Language and Missionary Orientation, Southall; Middlesex Full report 2013 (PDF 316KB)

Southampton Language College (TEG) Southampton Full report 2014 (PDF 355KB)

Southbourne School of English, Bournemouth, Dorset Full report 2015 (PDF 342KB)

Speakeasy School of English, London Full report 2013 (PDF 327KB)

Speak Up London, London Full report 2013 (PDF 337KB), Spot check report 2014 (PDF 236KB)

Spinnaker School of English, Portsmouth, Hampshire

Sprachcaffe Languages Plus , Brighton Full report 2013 (PDF 329KB), Spot check 2016 (PDF 166KB)

St. Albans School of Languages, St Albans Full report 2013 (PDF 385KB), Spot check report 2013 (PDF 156KB)

St Andrews College Language Schools, Multicentre (Head office - Glasgow, Scotland) Full report 2013 (PDF 338KB)

St. Brelade's College, St. Aubin, Jersey Full report 2014 (PDF 347KB)

St. Clare's, Oxford Full report 2014 (PDF 411KB)

St. Edmund's College, Near Ware, Hertfordshire Full report 2013 (PDF 394KB)

St. George International English Language Centre, London Full report 2014 (PDF 375KB), Spot check 2015 (PDF 126KB)

St. Giles International, Brighton Full report 2015 (PDF 362KB)

St. Giles International, Eastbourne Full report updated 2016 (PDF 338KB)

St. Giles International, London Central Full report 2013 (PDF 516KB)

St. Giles International, London Highgate Full report 2013 (PDF 371KB)

St Giles Juniors UK, Multicentre (Administrative office – Brighton) Full report 2014 (PDF 393KB)

St. Peter's School of English, Canterbury, Kent Full report 2015 (PDF 326KB)

Stafford House School of English, Brighton Full report 2013 (PDF 381KB) Spot check report 2015 (PDF 320KB)

Stafford House School of English Cambridge, Full report 2016 (PDF 336KB)

Stafford House School of English, Canterbury, Kent (Including Stafford House School of English, Brighton) Full report 2015 (PDF 343KB)

Stafford House School of English, London 

Stafford House Summer (Formerly Stafford House Study Holidays), Multicentre (Head office - Canterbury, Kent) Full report 2014 (PDF 388KB)

Stamford Academy, Stamford Full report 2014 (PDF 323KB), Spot check 2015 (PDF 237KB)

Stonyhurst Summer Language School, Clitheroe Full report 2014 (PDF 372KB) Spot check 2015 (PDF 152KB)

Stratford-upon-Avon College, Warwickshire Full report 2015 (PDF 363KB) Spot check 2015 (PDF 229KB)

Students International Ltd. Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire Full report 2015 (PDF 374KB)

Studio Cambridge English Language Courses, Cambridge Full report 2015 (PDF 411KB)

Studio Cambridge English Language and Activity Programmes, - Multicentre (Head office - Cambridge) Full report 2013 (PDF 354KB), Spot check 2014 (PDF 239KB)

Summer Boarding Courses, Multicentre (Head office - Guiseley) Full report 2014 (PDF 359KB)

Sussex Coast College, Hastings Full report 2015 (PDF 337KB)

Sussex Downs College, Lewes, East Sussex Full report 2014 (PDF 409KB)

Suzanne Sparrow (Plymouth) Language School Ltd. Plymouth Full report 2015 (PDF 334KB), Spot check 2016 (PDF 262KB)

Swansea University ELTS, Swansea, Wales Full report 2013 (PDF 351KB)