We believe anyone could have an idea that has the power to change lives. No matter who they are or where they are.

#IdeasChangeLives ran from October 2019 to January 2020 to find digital solutions to some of the world’s greatest problems.

In support of The Global Goals, we were looking for people with a fresh, entrepreneurial spirit and a big idea that had the potential to make a positive impact for communities across the globe.

Winner announced

With close to 5,000 applications from 127 countries, we are pleased to announce Lulu Lab as the winner.

Matilde Juul and Sally Gregersen, Lulu Lab co-founders

Matilde Juul and Sally Gregersen, Lulu Lab Co-Founders

Matilde Juul and Sally Gregersen, Lulu Lab Co-Founders

Co-founded in Denmark by Matilde Juul and Sally Gregersen, Lulu Lab create educational games to make it easier for students, friends, families and classrooms to open up conversations on taboo topics.

With interactive storytelling, quizzes and videos, Lulu Lab games cover topics like menstrual hygiene, mental health, and sexual rights and have already been implemented in Kenya, Ghana, Uganda and Sierra Leone.

Watch the video to see a demo of their dilemma game

All of the Lulu Lab games are co-designed with local community members to help create a familiar learning and gaming environment. This includes the games' characters, environment and audio.

Matilde and Sally will receive £20,000 in funding to scale up their idea with the support of the British Council’s Digital, Partnerships and Innovation team. With their help, they plan to introduce Lulu Lab in new contexts in order to meet their goal of reaching out to over 57 million boys and girls worldwide

"We are beyond excited to win Ideas Change Lives and for this unique opportunity to work with the British Council. The support from the British Council enables us to customise the Dilemma game - an engaging EdTech game on sexual and reproductive health and rights - to India. It means the world to us to win and we can't wait to get started."
Matilde Juul and Sally Gregersen, Lulu Lab Co-Founders


An added congratulations also goes out to our four incredible finalists. Find out more about their innovative ideas below.


Kaarvan improve digital inclusion and business agency for female entrepreneurs across Pakistan. In many rural communities, female entrepreneurs work together with home-based female artisans to produce and supply indigenous crafts to local markets. However, owing to economic and social constraints, they often lack the means to sell their products to a wider market base. Kaarvan’s digital solution connects them to wider national and international urban markets.


Caregiver and child. Cargeiver is smiling to camera and wearing a protective facemask.

OneSky's 1BigFamily platform continues to support caregivers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

OneSky's 1BigFamily platform continues to support caregivers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

OneSky trains communities and caregivers to provide nurturing responsive care and early education that unlocks the vast potential of marginalised young children in China, Vietnam, and Mongolia. OneSky's 1BigFamily platform supports blended learning and creates online communities of practice for local women who are providing care to vulnerable children across Asia. 1BigFamily connects frontline caregivers to collaborate and upskills them with digital resources like videos, play activities, and e-courses.


Close up of business bookeeping.

OZÉ supports entrepreneurs to move their bookkeeping online.

OZÉ supports entrepreneurs to move their bookkeeping online.

Known as ‘the business coach in your pocket’, OZÉ helps to bring small businesses in Africa into the digital era via its mobile app. From corn to trading crypto-currencies, OZÉ supports entrepreneurs that want to grow, contribute to their economy and create jobs for their peers across all industries. The OZÉ app allows small businesses to track sales, expenses, and customer information and uses behavioural science to help its customers form better record-keeping habits.


Nigenius is a smart website that automatically generates well researched, vetted lesson plans and resources for teachers in Nigeria. Using Nigenius, teachers can get quick and easy access to a vast amount of creative resources, saving time and effort when it comes to planning. Resources are specifically tailored to meet teaching and learning objectives and align with Nigeria’s national curriculum. The content also supports students to develop better creative, analytical, communication and collaboration skills to help them compete in today’s technology driven world.

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