By Zain Ali

17 February 2015 - 03:53

An experience of India could make all the difference to your CV.
An experience of India could make all the difference to your CV. Image ©

British Council

UK student Zain Ali spent three weeks in India as part of a UK-India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI) programme. He explains why experiencing the country's culture, people and economy can help you get ahead in your career.

International experience can increase your employability

Working on your CV can be stressful. It can mean long hours choosing templates or roaming through your local town looking for work experience. But there's another way to stand out from the crowd that would impress virtually any employer. It means looking beyond London’s skyscrapers for work experience, even if that’s where you want to end up one day.

In today's competitive job market, international experience is highly desirable on a CV. As highlighted in a QS world university rankings report, six out of ten employers give extra credit for international student experience. Oliver Watson, UK managing director of recruitment business Michael Page says: 'Companies are operating over so many international boundaries, so the more languages and experience with different cultures you can bring to a company, the more you can help expand its global reach.'

Why make India your next destination

India is a country of soul, magic and chaos. It is a place that prides itself on ‘unity within diversity'. Visitors who get to explore its vast culture will discover one of the most beautiful and historic countries in the world, from the cold peaks of the Himalayas in the north to the glorious sunsets and fresh-fried fish stalls of the south. It is home to a fascinating array of people, cultures and landscapes and a colourful modern city life.

But it's India’s growing importance as a global player of the future that makes it a country to be aware of for our careers. As such, a real experience of India should be more than that of the tourist or traveller. It means making lasting connections with those we meet and getting an insight into what makes this country one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

Why India has emerged as a major global player

From Delhi's powerful political hub, to Bangalore's own silicon valley, to Mumbai's thriving multimillion-dollar film industry, India is fast making its presence felt around the world. Indeed, India looks poised to be the next superpower. This is in part down to the growing economy and reforms in India’s business regulations, which will allow greater international investment. In addition, India's vast consumer market and labour pool create great potential for growing international deals.

India is also blessed with an astounding human capital, and the government continues to recognise this by launching several initiatives in modernising the workforce. It has sought to improve education, and provide resources for rural workers in attaining skills to enter fast-growing industries, such as health, information technology, telecom, retail and much more.

Chances are, if not working for an Indian company, many young people in the UK today will work closely with a colleague from India – whether it’s from the next desk along or via a telecom from a Mumbai office. An experience of India could make all the difference.

The British Council Generation UK-India programme offers young people and professionals from the UK the chance to gain experience and skills in India on one of our cultural immersion placements, teaching assistantships or work placements. Visit the India opportunities page for more information.

Find out how international opportunities benefit individuals and employers, and support UK prosperity, in our latest report.

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